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homra-no-orihime whispered:
"Sempai, I have obtained a top hat! You should get one too!"


{❄ ||     ————Top hats are too mainstream.
                        (I still look hot either way. Herm.)

Silly Kusanagi-sempai, you’re not the only one who can pull the sombrero-and-mustache off!

"Now that I have a top hat, I must use this for good and show to HOMRA I am a respectable and honest citizen of the society, able to be politely follow their orders without question and believe in them with steadfast will."


"Nah! I’m going to mess Yata-sempai today with acting like a penguin!"


Reblog if you’re ok with other characters developing crushes on your characters.

Just to let people know that you will not be upset or uncomfortable if their characters do develop crushes and act/make advances to your characters! Also if you’re ok with certain characters but not others than please specify!  (◡‿◡)

"Oh, ew. Kusanagi-sempai, get a room, please. Stop drinking vodka in-between work, or something."

Send me a (Φ w Φ) for my muse’s reaction to seeing yours shirtless.

"… So glad I’m not like Yata-sempai and gets fooled easily."

send my muse one of the following to see how they react:

[text]: What the hell are you saying?
[text]: Does that mean you aren’t coming back?
[text]: Oops, I brought spandex instead of leather. 
[text]: Come on if you’re coming. 
[text]: Are we going to do this or what?
[text]: Tell me how often have you had sex dreams about me?
[text]: Don’t get too comfortable.
[text]: S.O.S.
[text]: Do you have to text me at three in the morning?
[text]: Shouldn’t you be sleeping?
[text]: Is that you’re way of saying you miss me?
[text]: Is there something I should know?
[text]: Party. My house. Tonight. Bring Alcohol.
[text]: Is that suppose to be a threat?
[text]: Haha, no. I’m not giving it back.
[text]: Time for someone to go grocery shopping.
[text]: I’m not going with you to see that.
[text]: Send me another picture like that and see what happens.
[text]: Is teasing me the only purpose of this conversation?
[text]: Soo..does that mean you feel the same way?
[text]: Just admit missed me.
[text]: I was hoping you would go with me.
[text]: You’re dead meat.
[text]: How do you feel about a threesome? 
[text]: Maybe I just feel like spending my night with you.
[text]: We are not going there.

"Kusanagi-sempai, you had way too much to drink. Stop. Think of the children."

"If my dad starts to stalk me on my date with my boyfriend, I’m filing a complaint."

"…. I didn’t know sempai is into that. Ew."




" You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation " ~Plato
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I’m only human,

                 Ive got a skeleton in me.

                                     But I’m not the villain,

                                                 despite what you’re always preaching.

homra-no-orihime whispered:
"Yata-sempai, I'm lazy. Do you want to do my shopping? I already got the go signal from Kusanagi-sempai and I have chocolates. Please?" //Psst, Be! XD



          Y…Yata-sempai?? —- The teenager looked at her, puzzled, shocked, and confused at the same time. Had he met her before?

          Why is she calling him ‘senpai’? Is she new in Homura? Why is there a girl doing in Homura—- WHY IS SHE TALKING ABOUT THINGS HE HAS NO CLUE ABOUT WHAT THIS WHAT———-


She doesn’t like that look on his face, it’s like he forgotten about it. Oh, well, not like she can complain. “So, sempai? Are you going to help me with the groceries or am I suppose to tell Kusanagi-sempai about this?”

…And resolve to use blackmail, like his pair of underwear she managed to steal get somewhere.